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The fibreglass and acrylic inner elements of hot tubs as well as the heaters have a 24-month warranty which covers material and manufacturing defects. Warranty is valid only when the user has read the manuals and is following them.

Different conditions are applied to products manufactured for commercial use as well as wooden hot tubs.

This warranty does not cover flaws such as colour changes, problems caused by humidity, cracks etc. which are common to wooden materials. When it comes to wooden tubs the ordinary living of wood caused by humidity which can induce leaks is not covered by warranty.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and damage caused by improper installation or use will not be compensated.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by thunder or other extreme weather conditions.

Cold damage will also not be compensated since this is something one can avoid by correct use of the the tub (i.e according to user manuals).

The corrosion resulting from inadequate use of chemical substances is not covered by warranty.

Additional costs such as building or taking down the terrace are not subject to be compensated under this warranty.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by water which has been enabled to get into the bubble system’s pump (one can avoid this with proper use).

The warranty is invalidated if the user carries out any modifications or repairs to the product or if the product is not used for the purposes it is intended for. The warranty will also not apply if the product has been stored in a wrong position or in unsuitable conditions.

Please contact the seller in a reasonable period of time (7 days) if you encounter a possible warranty case. Please present the necessary information about the time end place of purchase as well as the exact nature of the error/damage occurred.